Sons of Faris Abdulrahman AlWagayan Co.

Sons of the Late Faris Abdulrahman AlWagayan, established “Sons of Faris Abdulrahman AlWagayan Co. for General Trade and Contracting” in commemoration of their father. Faris Abdulrahman AlWagayan, born in 1934 in the Kibla area in Kuwait was an illustrious man. He was one of the most eminent men in the State of Kuwait’s Justice Body. He held a B.A from the Law School at Cairo University, occupied several positions at the Ministry of Justice until he became the General Prosecutor in the State of Kuwait for 11 years. He was then appointed the Head of the Audit Bureau, a position he held for 13 years. And then was the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Kuwaiti Institution for Educational Services for three years.

Later, he moved on to establish his own successful business whilst also holding the position of Head of the Judicial Institution of OAPEC for 19 years. His unfortunate passing away on 17th January 2004 was a great loss to not only his business and family but to the State of Kuwait as well.